Friday, March 2, 2007

Welcome to IntelliDANCE

If two individuals get together and exchange a dollar, they each walk away with a dollar. If the same individuals get together and exchange an idea, they both walk away with two ideas.
~Thomas Jefferson

I love that quote by Thomas Jefferson, and it gets at the very heart of what the IntelliDANCE Blog is all about. This is a place to share ideas. Our members are dance educators who are pursuing a course of study in the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education. They are classmates in the IntelliDANCE Teleconference program, offered through Kinesthetic Edge, and they are at the forefront of exploring ways to integrate somatic learning strategies in dance education. This blog serves as a way for them to connect with each other by sharing strategies that they have successfully implemented with their students.

The IntelliDANCE Blog will also, from time to time, feature posts by invited somatic education specialists. These individuals will help to provide additional insight and creative, experientially-based strategies that can be utilized in the dance classroom.

Welcome to IntelliDANCE. I hope you find inspiration from each other and from the learning process that is the Feldenkrais Method.


Andrea Higgins, Creative Director

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